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War Horse Challenge Rider,
Brandon Wojcik

United States Marine Corps

Brandon Wojcik is an extraordinary member of the War Horses riding team at the National Stock Horse Associations War Horse Challenge. Brandon's journey with horses started later in life, but his dedication and determination have never wavered. As a Marine, he has always carried a sense of pride and commitment, and it is precisely these qualities that have propelled him forward on this remarkable path. Despite his minimal prior experience, Brandon's unwavering spirit and love for horses have led him to where he stands today.


His encounter with Jake Greenlief, the Director of Veteran Outreach at War Horses, while working cows in the majestic landscapes of Montana proved to be a fateful moment. Inspired by the incredible world of War Horses, Brandon eagerly embraced the opportunity to witness horsemanship on a whole new level. What began as a simple invitation became a life-changing experience, reigniting his passion for riding and instilling a newfound purpose within him.


Brandon's journey is about more than personal triumph. He also aims to raise awareness and funds for War Horses for Veterans, an organization close to his heart. Through his participation in this challenge, he hopes to shine a light on the incredible work done by this organization, supporting fellow veterans through the healing power of equine therapy and horsemanship programs.


As we rally behind Brandon and the War Horses riding team, we have the opportunity to witness the remarkable strength and resilience of a Marine. Every cheer, every donation, and every show of support not only fuels Brandon's drive to succeed but also contributes to the well-being and rehabilitation of his fellow servicemen and women.


Join us as we witness the transformation of Brandon, a true equestrian enthusiast, and proud United States Marine, as he embarks on a remarkable quest to conquer the NSHA War Horse Challenge while raising awareness and funds for War Horses for Veterans. Prepare to be awed by his unwavering dedication, his profound connection with his equine partner, and the unyielding pride he carries as a Marine. This is more than a competition—it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of our servicemen and women. Together, let us honor and support our veterans through the power of War Horses.

Click on the link to learn more about the War Horse Riding Team.

Support This Rider

Support this rider as he represents War Horses for Veterans at the National Stock Horse Association competition. Your donation will help us make a difference and empower this veteran and others to compete at the highest level. Donate today!

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