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War Horse Challenge Rider,
Heath Patrick
United States Army, Special Forces

Heath's journey, with his first War Horse experience, was in May 2023 and since then his connection with these majestic animals has only grown stronger.


Heath's involvement with War Horses for Veterans/Special Operations Forces (SOF) is a testament to the power of a chance encounter. After stumbling upon an article about War Horses, Heath reached out to Patrick Benson, a co-founder of the organization. From that moment on, Heath has been deeply committed to the cause and linked in with the War Horses family. Throughout his riding journey, Heath has had countless memorable experiences and achievements. One that stands out is the transformative bond he formed with his very own horse, a mustang named Quanah, adopted through a prison-horse program in Utah. Witnessing their mutual growth and the lessons they teach each other has been an awe-inspiring journey for Heath.


Having a military background has had a profound influence on Heath's passion for horsemanship. In the military, he strived to be the best at any given task for the sake of his unit. Now, that same drive and dedication fuel his desire to use horsemanship as a means of support and strength for his family.


For Heath, participating in the NSHA War Horse Challenge holds deep significance. It is an opportunity to give back to the Special Operations community that he holds dear. By competing in the National Stock Horse Association, Heath aims to shed light on the incredible opportunities available for veterans and showcase the unwavering spirit of our nation's heroes.


In closing, Heath is overflowing with excitement as he anticipates this incredible journey and the chance to make a difference. Join him in his mission to raise funds and awareness for War Horses for Veterans, and witness firsthand the indomitable spirit that lies within this exceptional rider.

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Heath's Testimonial
War Horses for Veterans

War Horses for Veterans/ Special Operations Forces is the Gold Standard. This program not only provides an immediate mental reset but enhances the operator’s ability to complete the mission by promoting the individual’s tactical longevity.


If one can learn to connect with such an amazingly powerful animal, one can also successfully use the same skills to connect with people from anywhere in the world."

Heath Patrick

Click on the link to learn more about the War Horse Riding Team.

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Support this rider as he represents War Horses for Veterans at the National Stock Horse Association competition. Your donation will help us make a difference and empower this veteran and others to compete at the highest level. Donate today!

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