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War Horse Challenge Rider,
Ryen Overlin

United States Army, Special Forces

I’ve ridden horses for a cumulative 16 days. 

My best friend has been helping out with War Horses for a few years now and got me plugged in. I saw a change in him throughout the whole experience. I attended War Horses Elite in November of 2022. 

I was super frustrated at the beginning trying to find my seat while trotting. When we were introduced to cutting, I let loose, let the horse work, and was able to get in sync. We moved to the large arena after that and were able to transition from walking to trotting and loping and back again with no problem. It was a fantastic feeling that I’ll never forget. 

I don’t like being bad at things. I’m competitive and driven. Competing in the NSHA War Horse competition will be a lot of fun and a big challenge. I feel very honored to be afforded this opportunity. Although I’m super new to this I’ve developed a passion for the sport, and am addicted! I keep telling my wife, Jennifer, that I can’t wait to ride again!

Isaac's Testimonial
War Horses for SOF
(Special Operation Forces) 

I can't say enough good things about my experience at Warhorse Elite. Working with the horses was truly transformative for me, but it was the entire team who made the biggest difference. They gave me individualized attention and support throughout the program, and I felt like they truly cared about my well-being. The facilities were also top-notch, which made the experience even better. We Special Forces soldiers tend to have many unique and stressful experiences throughout our careers, but the equine therapy and support I received at Warhorse Elite helped me to find a new sense of purpose and direction. I learned to live more intentionally and take more control of my life. I started by completely cutting alcohol out of my diet and I feel great. The program also inspired me to get back into the gym religiously and start working out five days a week again. The combination of physical and emotional healing at Warhorse Elite was exactly what I needed to move forward and start living my best life. I can't recommend this program enough to anyone who's looking to make positive changes in their lives and reconnect with themselves and others. 

Isaac Smith

Click on the link to learn more about Isaac in War Horse News/Blog or the War Horse Riding Team.

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