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Rick Hodges

Meet Rick Hodges, a proud member of the US Army Special Forces, and one of the inspiring riders participating in the upcoming War Horse Challenge.

Rick's journey into the world of equestrianism may be relatively new, as he has been riding horses for only seven months. However, the spark that ignited his interest in this noble pursuit goes beyond the realm of horsemanship itself. Rick found solace and a renewed sense of purpose in equestrianism, recognizing its profound impact on mental health.

Although Rick has not yet participated in any previous equestrian competitions, his competitive spirit has always been an integral part of his life. From his days as a Division 1 athlete to his time as a dedicated Green Beret, Rick has always sought arenas in which to test his mettle. After leaving active duty, he felt a void, a yearning for that exhilarating sense of competition. It was then that a friend recommended War Horses for SOF (Special Operations Forces), and everything changed.

For Rick, riding and competing in the War Horse Challenge means the world. It fills a void that he had long felt, bringing him back to a sense of purpose and passion. Competition, in all its forms, nourishes his soul and motivates him to continually push his limits, striving for excellence. As he stands alongside fellow veterans, all sharing that same fire within, Rick recognizes the immense value of having a reason to compete once more. It has reenergized him, and he is deeply grateful for this opportunity.

So, ladies and gentlemen, keep your eyes on Rick Hodges as he takes on the War Horse Challenge. Witness his unwavering determination, his unwavering commitment to excellence, and his unwavering gratitude for the chance to compete once more. Join us in celebrating this remarkable individual and the profound impact that equestrianism and the War Horses for Veterans program have had on his life.

You can support this veteran and his journey by clicking on the link below and donating to War Horses for Veterans.  Make sure to leave a comment for Rick or the team of riders with your kind donation. 

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What War Horses for Veterans Means to Rick:

"War Horses has truly changed my life for the better. Not only did I gain a new love for horse riding, but I also gained a family. The brotherhood we all share has helped me through some ups and downs and has been an outlet for me whenever I have needed one. On top of that, the opportunities, and experiences I have gotten through War Horses l am forever grateful for. We have gotten to get to know some amazing professional riders, most of whom have become friends.  War Horses has allowed me to become a better husband and father and I am forever grateful for that." 


Rick Hodges

Support This Rider

Support this rider, Rick Hodges, as he represents War Horses for Veterans at the National Stock Horse Association competition. Your donation will help us make a difference and empower this veteran to compete at the highest level. Donate today!

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