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To optimize mental performance and resiliency through active recovery, decompression, and engagement promoting tactical longevity of the warfighter. 

Recover. Repurpose. Reintegrate.

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Designed for Active, Retired, & Veteran
Special Operations Forces

The War Horses for SOF (WHFSOF) program primarily translates into verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that veteran and active duty operators will use in their personal and professional lives.  The same techniques used to communicate with horses are also effective tools to communicate with humans in an operational environment and with host nation counterparts.  This program enables the force to maintain operators at an optimal level of performance, develop their personal and professional abilities, while simultaneously improving the operator’s mental performance. 


A large portion of the force throughout the regiment struggles with levels of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and several other conditions attributed to multiple rotations in combat, detachment from their families, living in a constant state of assessment (eyes on), and coping with judgments from peers and leaders.  In time, this can lead to a physical and emotional breakdown that makes the operator non-mission capable – or otherwise, a feeling of worthlessness to the operational environment. 


Therapeutic programs are not necessarily appealing to operators until they reach a breaking point and feel like they have limited options. This is one of the many reasons why WHFSOF developed a program that does not look or feel like traditional therapy. WHFSOF uses like-minded coaches and mentors to help SOF navigate their personal situations. This program serves as both a reset, skill tune up and a performance optimization program that is adaptable at many levels, promoting holistic mental, physical and family wellness. From developing young operators foundational skills in communication, self-awareness and goal-direction to a senior operator who needs a reset to reorganize priorities and refocus for the next phase of life/career; this program meets the Special Operations mission-oriented mindset.

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About SOF


War Horses for SOF is a five-day onsite program for both active duty and veteran special operations forces, provided at no cost to the operator. Travel, lodging, meals and program cost are provided by the organization. The five days of the WHFSOF Program are broken into multiple sections with varying training objectives aimed at holistic wellness, decompression, and performance optimization. Each section enhances and integrates with another. Each section is a stand-alone opportunity for healing and growth. Participants can engage to their level of comfort though we encourage them to push themselves for personal gain.

SOF Experience
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Through working with horses our tailored coaching approach provides tools and techniques that translate both personally and professionally.

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No experience required. Learn how to interact and engage with horses from foundational skills to advanced riding.

Ranch WORK

Work side by side with the team and see how everyday chores can renew one’s purpose and calm the mind.



Focus on the mind-body connection through culinary wellness, meditation and physical mobility work.

SOF Team

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